Since 1992, we have been working together with the “Institut für Spielforschung und Spielpädagogik” (Institute for Research and Education in Play and Games) at the Mozarteum University, Salzburg-Austria, coordinating the South American Site.  All throughout these years, we have been working from Argentina, but including all South America in different activities.

At this point in time, i.e., after 10 years, we believe it is necessary –and a must- to adopt our own identity fit for our Latin American culture, adjusting some standards to meet our region’s needs.  This does not mean to leave aside the contributions of other non Latin American countries; in contrast, we want to include them in enriching research and education, though, assuming our own local identity.

The creation of an institute with regional identity will allow us to delve into the field of play in our region, unifying, in turn, the isolated efforts so far developed.  In this way, we intend to set up a network of professionals in this field to find common objectives to develop.

For this, it is vital to have the contribution of an international advisory council made up of world-class professionals in the field.