At the Institute for Research and Education in Play, we believe that the play is a core human activity regardless of age, time or race.  Play is a complex phenomenon that needs to be studied with the contribution of different disciplines so that it can be rightly included at different responsibility levels in our society, and understood in broad terms.  Our concept of play does not restrict to any approach in particular, in contrast, we believe it is necessary to open up to new cross functional glances.

The relevance of studying and delving into play lays in understanding, first and foremost, the different play expressions by culture, geography, historical time, etc.; and secondly, improving life quality at different social tiers and institutions, giving the play a place it does not always hold at present.

From a broad theoretical concept of play, we believe this subject is of paramount importance.  We, therefore, think it is required to study play and convey play with its relevant academic professionalism, taking into account experiences and literature from all over the world.  For this reason, we set up two currents or pillars in our institute: research and education.  In this manner, we want to contribute with our society, train professionals, educators and the public at large supported by our research work and/or any research carried out not only at our Institute but also in other centers focused on this field.