We will conduct research in different areas of play, mainly taking into account our region’s needs.  For this, we will encourage the involvement of students and young professionals too as joint participants so that we can also generate new spaces for action.

For research development, we will promote alliances with other institutions mutually cooperating in studying and delving into this subject area.



We will perform education activities focused on different levels: teachers and educators, professionals from different fields, institutions, etc.  We will also devise different activities such as courses, workshops and lectures on the field related to any specific subject.  The specific education plan of activities will be developed as needs and possibilities arise.

Within the education area, we have scheduled –as the core activity- the “Diploma in Play.” 



We consider the possibility to provide advice to institutions, professionals and the public at large in the field of play.  This consulting can be performed in different areas, depending on each situation in particular and studying each case in order to provide customized service.